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Worst ground staff in KL airport. We ask the information in check in counter area Some girl staff show that thr ignore feel. Very worst airline and service. In the future i will not fly and use.

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Bought a ticket from Malaysia Airline call-cent (number on their web-site) for an unaccompanied minor. I was assured there would be no problem as the transit through KL was short (and it was short). After buying the ticket I would have to fillout some unaccompanied minor forms. This is normal - I've done this before. Got the e-ticket e-mailed to me (quick) and the Credit Card Charge (also quick). Then sent off an e-mail requesting the Forms. The... Read more

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The manners of (a member of) check-in staff is appalling. I walked up to the counter to drop off my bag and was "greeted" with "Where you go?" No "Good afternoon, Sir" or "Hello". These were the only words he spoke to me during the whole transaction. Again, no "Thank you". And only a surly face with no smile throughout. I recommend that MAS send their staff for Air Asia training. Is it no wonder that Malaysia Airlines is in the trouble that it... Read more

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The worst airline you can imagine. Six times business class and six times problems with their seats. Air stewardess said to me, the maintenance people were informed but still the same problems. ANY MAINTENANCE ON THIS AIRLINE??? When you fly with MAS. they will not update your points many many months after if you are lucky. When you phoned up, they cut your line off constantly. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE GROUND STAFF YOU CAN IMAGINE. IQ of... Read more

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We booked our honeymoon online.. Then had to make 3no. international calls to try and resolve it.. They gave us a price and then insisted we pay more as they had got the currency rates wrong.. NOT my fault!. 20 emails and 3 weeks later still no booking confirmation, itinerary or receipt even though they have our money!... Who controls these fools?!. Is there a governing body I can approach to try and force them into action?. How am i meant to... Read more

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My partner and I recently took a trip from Melbourne to Phuket return. This consisted of 4 flights in total with Malaysian airlines. This is what happened; On the first flight from Melbourne my partners screen didn't work properly. When it was time for the second meal on that flight, they did not have our pre-ordered special meals (which they had for the 1st meal of the flight!). The meals were poor. I was served the same meal 3 times! My... Read more

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Traumatic and sickening experience with Malaysian airlines. On 3/11/16 returning home to London from Denpasar via Kuala lumpur. cabin crew assaulted my partner and verbally abused my family when we tried to ask for their names they threatened us and told us we would be taken off the flight. Upon arrival at Kuala lumpur cabin crew blocked our path and wouldnt allow us to connecting flight, radioed security who snatched my partners boarding pass... Read more

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I took a flight on MH726 from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur on 09Oct16 and dissapointed to say that it was a very unpleasant trip. The female stewardesses were very rude and lack of manners, not what air stewardesses are supposed to be. I had a problem putting my seat upright again from the reclined position,despite pressing the reclining button on the chair several times, the stewardess hit the back of my seat so hard it went back upright and hitting... Read more

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I've tried to book my in flight meal a few days before the flight (as soon as I got the reminder email from Malaysia Airlines), I knew that Malaysia Airlines hired new people for their call centre, I am not sure where those people from, their accent was very difficult to understand, that is not that main issue yet. After I have confirmed with the officer on the phone for a few times that the meal booking is placed, I didn't feel relief. I tried... Read more

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