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Bad flying experience because of bad stewardess services provided. I am a MAS frequent flyer. MAS will be my main choice of selection whenever I organize my trip.

I can see there is a significant drop of the onboard stewardess service in these years. I have few bad experiences from the treat of the MAS stewardess in my flight especially on my last few trips to Sydney, Australia and Taipei, Taiwan.

I wish to raise this issue to relevant authority to improve MAS service. The professionalism of the stewardess service to the passengers is important.

My latest experience was in the flight of MH 367 from Taipei, Taiwan to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (as at 22 Oct, 2014 by 1505 - 1950). There is a Chinese stewardess (I can’t recall her name) was too forgetful and ignored on my request. I was not feeling well with sore throat. I politely requested her for a cup of water to ease my dry throat. I knew she might be busy preparing lunch for passengers, I told her not to rush, just prepare a cup of water when she served drinks later. She responded rudely and inform me that, they will serve drinks later and just sit till that moment. Therefore, I can only wait for her to serve the drink from front row till my row patiently, but to my surprise there is no water, but only fruit juices. I forced to take a glass of fruit juice as she didn’t seem to remember on my previous request at all. A moment afterward, she walked back with a cup of water in her tray and asked us who did ask for water just now. I raised up my hand immediately, too bad that she didn’t notice me and passed the cup of water to another passenger. She walked away even I have been calling her when she passed by to gently remind her on my request. It was an act of forgetful and ignorance. I was seriously unsatisfied with this kind of service.

She was so forgetful while she was preparing the meal to passengers, I have requested for my 2 cups of water from her, she seem to be totally forgot about my request and treated me rudely. In short, I felt discriminated from her action.

Actually this is not the first time I encountered such disrespect and rude services from MAS stewardess. I was so disappointed for the services provided by MAS stewardess to their passengers. How do MAS train their stewardess in such a way that they not even having such basic respect to their passengers? This experience is terrible bad and affected my emotion. I supposed to be enjoying my trip but I was treated with bad service from the flight service before I have landed.

To be honest, I have been starting to change my flight service to Cathy Pacific Airline, China Airline and EVA Airline for my trips to Taipei, Taiwan, as their services are much more customer friendly compared to MAS. This is specifically refer to the politeness of the steward and stewardess during my flight.

Product or Service Mentioned: Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant.

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agree,this happen before to me as well.i dont understand why there are so forgetful ??? as though there is 1000 passengers onboard or are pretending to be forget full after all the toilets as well smelly

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